PuppyKatz Pet Store & Bakery is a boutique pet store offering healthy; yet affordable food, treats, and toys that your dogs and cats are sure to love. We're conveniently located off Old Trolley Road in Summerville, South Carolina.


We bring healthy; yet affordable food, treats, and toys that your dogs and cats are sure to love!



When it comes to dog and cat food we chose grain-free, healthy foods.  Our three main dog food offerings are Taste of the Wild, Nulo and Tender & True.  We offer the same brands for our cats as well.  We have fish, turkey, bison, venison and lamb that are complimented with sweet potatoes, lentils, chick peas and brown rice.  Tender & True has several organic or antibiotic free varieties.


You could probably spend half a day looking through our toys!  We try to choose toys to provide an outlet for our cats and dogs to be able to self-entertain.  We also try to provide toys that will allow fun interaction between your cat or dog and their humans.  We have various tug toys, tennis balls, tires and what-cha-ma-call-its – a whole group of maybe new or unusual toys that can morph into several functions in one toy.  As you scan the walls of toys it’s apparent that we strive to please every pet from the most gentle of chewers all the way to “I will chew through that in 10 seconds flat.”


Our treat selection is customer driven.  WE want to know if your dog or cat has any type of issues that would affect the enjoyment of their treat.  We don’t like to clean up puke and I am sure your pet does not enjoy putting it down!  Being sick is stressful on everyone so we try to choose products that are grain free and/or limited ingredient.  We also try to find treats that will last a bit longer than the initial gulp as you give them their treat.


So my husband is a goofball.  He calls all young ‘uns “puppy;” dogs are puppy k9s, children are puppy kids, and yes – kittens are puppy kats.  When I decided to open my little shop of dog and cat supplies, it was an easy call that I would call it PuppyKatz.  But I digress…

We started with Simone, our Calico Manx cat.  Next came our Yellow Lab, Savannah Daisy. Then over the we added cats Nilla Wafer, Smoke and Cali Bubbles. And to round out the crew, Sully the Mutt.  Simone has since crossed the Rainbow Bridge (We’ll always love and miss our Mo-Mo), but our other babies – along with our grand puppy Princess and grand kitty Li’l Bit – are still going strong.  We love them all and want them to live long lives, while spoiling them as much as possible.This led me on a quest to find healthier foods and treats.  

I had fallen in love with the with the boutique-themed pet store experience some time ago, but there was nothing quite like it in our hometown of Summerville.  So I decided to open one, with the help of my husband, where we could work together to realize our dream of bringing healthy – yet affordable – food, treats, and toys that your dogs and cats are sure to love.



1203 B Old Trolley Road, Summerville, SC
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MON-FRI:10 AM – 7 PM
SUN: 1 PM – 5 PM



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#mindymymorkie enjoying #FreshKisses, the new dental treat, courtesy of our friends at @merrickpetcare #insPAWration #PuppyKatz #phillipspet #2017SouthernBuyingShow


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There's that wicked tongue! LOL

So cute, love the 👗

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How awesome! Wished we have a place like that here. Ozzie and Beau would love it.

Looking good

Do you know whats missing from this picture?  A Dirty Dog!!  Our tubs are now open!!  First come first serve - first 10 to come in will be half price!!!  

#inspawration #puppykatz #pkdirtydogclub #washthemdoggies #andcatstoo


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Looks Fabulous!

Thank you ma'am!

Yay!!! Can Charleston come tomorrow???? What time y'all open?

I like to fill the tub up and have my Collies lay down in the tub to get them really wet since their coat is so waterproof. Is that possible in your tub?

Very nice!!!!!🐾❤️🐾 🛀🏻 How much?

Looks awesome! Will have to bring Harrison in for some royal treatment!

We are going to bring our new dog Abby tomorrow afternoon to check it all out and get her a pampering bath.

We will bring Winnie in next week sometime!

Yay! Auzi just went swimming yesterday and is covered in dirt stains

This all is so wonderful! My friend from church, Sharon, will be calling. Texted her last night to let her know you're open. You met her at Palmetto Flats.

Bernadette A. Smith

We brought in Abby this past week and she enjoyed her relaxing bath. The special gloves to give your dog a message while you scrub were her favorite. So nice to use shampoo and conditioner that are gentle on her skin. Having ear wipes right there really finished off the spa visit for her. Thank you for making her feel special.

Where is this place?

Debbie Shulman

Took Beau there yesterday. Sorry we missed you but Hillary was Super- friendly & helpful. Beau now smells great, soft, beautiful coat and itching less! And, a huge relief to my back being able to use the wonderful tub! 👍🐶💗

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